Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy named after Prof. Zdzislaw Bizon

Established in 1998, Polish Association for Cognitive  and Behavioral  Therapies (PACBT) named after Prof. Zdizslaw Bizon is an independent scientific association of professionals dedicated to helping people with mental disorders and emotional problems, as well as research and scientific work on the mechanisms of human mental functioning. PACBT is a member of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) - the largest European organization of cognitive-behavioral therapy societies of various countries, and its members are mainly psychologists and doctors: cognitive-behavioral therapists, trainees, researchers, supporters. For 20+ years, PTTPB has been looking after the interests of Patients and Therapists by disseminating evidence-based treatment methods, improving them and ensuring their proper and ethical application. Based on the achievements and experiences of EABCT, PACBT has developed standards for training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in Poland. Thanks to the passion, commitment and community work of many members, regulations for obtaining and renewing the PACBT Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist Certificate and the PACBT Supervisor Certificate were created.
Thanks to the tremendous commitment of PACBT members, many years ago the governmental Agency for Health Technology Assessment recognized cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy as effective, and the National Health Fund began to recognize PACBT Certificates in the public health care system. Also today, out of concern for the patient's welfare and the interests of therapists, there is ongoing cooperation with the Ministry of Health, and the Association can recommend to its members throughout the country schools that care about the correct quality of teaching evidence-based therapy. Today, the Society has more than 4,200 members, including more than 1,500 certified PACBT psychotherapists and dozens of EABCT psychotherapists. It is thus the largest organization of single-modality therapists in Poland and one of the three most prominent therapy associations in the country, and our members are increasingly being recruited by individuals and organizations concerned with the broader mental well-being of their patients.

Honorary Scientific Committee

Prof. Agnieszka Popiel
Prof. Arnoud Arntz
Prof. Przemysław Bąbel
Prof. Anita Bryńska
Prof. Per Carlbring
Prof. Roman Cieślak
Prof. David M. Clark
Prof. Wiesław Jerzy Cubała
Prof. Stefan Hofmann
Prof. Eduardo Keegan
Prof. Jurgen Margraf
Prof. Mark Reinecke
Prof. Paul Salkovskis
Prof. Tullio Scrimali
Prof. Yona Teichman
Prof. Bogdan Zawadzki
Prof. dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Wolańczyk 
dr hab. n. med. Bartosz Grabski
dr Ewa Pragłowska
dr Magdalena Skotnicka-Chaberek
dr Izabela Stefaniak
Marzenna Kucińska
Sylwia Pieńkowska

Scientific Advisory Committee

dr Alicja Raczak
Prof. Jarosław Michałowski
dr Maria Cyniak-Cieciura
dr Joachim Kowalski
dr Katarzyna Markowska-Regulska
dr Grzegorz Mączka
dr Dorota Nowocin
dr Karolina Staniaszek
dr Małgorzata Walęcka
dr Artur Wiśniewski
Magdalena Gąssowska-Szmidt
Joanna Gutral
Jadwiga Jaraczewska
Karolina Komorowska-Legierska
Jacek Legierski
Joanna Marek-Banach
Magdalena Skąpska-Magdoń
Judyta Stawikowska

Organizing Committee

Kamila Grochowska 
Dorota Baran
Łukasz Demeńczuk
Agnieszka Ślęzak
Agnieszka Toros